About This Faculty

Biblical Studies is often shortened to the term “Bibs” by its students.  In following “Bibs” courses you will begin a journey into understanding the Bible that will thrill you for the rest of your life. You will gain skills and tools that will help you to read, study and appreciate the Bible in a whole new way. 

Future Courses

In the near future  we intend to begin offering five different specialties within Biblical Studies:

  • Biblical Studies 
  • Biblical Archaeology 
  • Biblical Roots
  • Biblical Creationism 
  • Biblical Languages

Who Qualifies

Our courses are designed so that anyone can enjoy them.  All you need is a desire to know and understand more. You do not need to have done well in your education.  If you have a basic understanding of English you should be able to participate. 

Having a computer with broadband connection will help but is not vital – our course are designed to work well on mobile devices.  Knowledge of how to use a web browser on your device is recommended.