About This Faculty

Welcome to the Faculty of Christian life and Discipleship (C&D); we are dedicated to helping new believers develop along the way in their personal journey from initial salvation to mature Christianity. Our courses cover topics that will build stability in the believer preparing them for the long challenging Christian journey as well as equipping them to live victoriously and have a good Christian witness. 

Future Courses

We hope to begin offering the following courses sometime in the near future. 

  1.       Discipleship
  2.       Leadership
  3.       Ethics-Social, Economic and Political
  4.       The Biblical Family Model
  5.       Marriage and Sexuality

Who Qualifies

Our courses are designed so that anyone can enjoy them.  All you need is a desire to know and understand more. You do not need to have done well in your education.  If you have a basic understanding of English you should be able to participate. 

Having a computer with broadband connection will help but is not vital – our course are designed to work well on mobile devices.  Knowledge of how to use a web browser on your device is recommended.