Evangelism & Apologetics

Presently 3 Courses

Memory Verse Practitioners (M)

This course is a modular course that is designed to help believers commit scriptures to memory using specially designed memory strategies. A full course consist of 24 memory verses. A MVP mobile phone app is available for this course read more…
Objectives: On completion of this MVP short course you should be able to remember and confidently quote, with reference, at least 12 verses of scripture. You should have developed a discipline and a love for God’s word. You should be able to go on to inspire others and to develop strategies of your own to remember other scriptures not covered in the course. Register


The Importance of Knowing

“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being priest for Me…” (Hosea 4:6) This course gives you the opportunity to know God through His word and will hopefully lead on to you knowing Him experientially. Knowing is indeed half the battle read more…
Objectives: On completion of this course you should be encouraged to discover God in His word. With the help of the Holy Spirit you should experience what you learn and develop a passion for seeking Him more. You should therefore become a more effective witness and defender of the faith. Register


The Nature of God

This course is designed to help us know and understand God more. We will therefore investigate three aspects of God’s nature in the hope of discovering what He is like and what pleases Him. These three aspects describes the nature of God. They are 1. God is light 1 John 1:5, 2. God is Love 1 John 4:16 and 3. God is Spirit John 4:24 read more…
Objectives: On completion of this course students should know the God of the bible better. They should use the knowledge and understanding they have gained to live a more God pleasing life. We expect students to be humbled by these wonderful discoveries and have a desire to be more like Him. Register


Welcome to the Faculty of Evangelism and Apologetics (E&A). Our passion is to train believers to present the gospel boldly and accurately, identify errors and defend their faith in the face of erroneous Christian teachings and other world religions. This is mainly achieved by answering probing questions that Christians are asked daily and using biblical and scientific evidence to provide solid answers in defence of the gospel.

Over the coming year we intend to begin offering different specialties:

  1. Creationism vs Evolution
  2. Bible knowledge
  3. Doctrines of the Christian Faith
  4. History of Christianity
  5. Defending the Faith
  6. Occult and Pagan Beliefs


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Who Qualifies

Our courses are designed so that anyone can enjoy them. All you need is a desire to know and understand more. You do not need to have done well in your education. If you have a basic understanding of English you should be able to participate. Having a computer with broadband connection will help but is not vital – our course are designed to work well on mobile devices. Knowledge of how to use a web browser on your device is recommended.