Taster / Foundation Courses

Presently 2 Courses

Christian Ethics

In this module we will look at the principles that govern our behaviour and conduct. We do not assume that everyone who says they are a believer knows what it means to be a believer. We are living in the last days, the days of deception when, more than ever before, people are misrepresenting the truth. Jesus predicted that there would be a great increase in the numbers of people who will lie about who they really are. Chances are that what you have seen and believed to be Christianity is really no;, so let’s clear up whatever misunderstanding or misgivings you may have about our Christian identity. read more…

Objectives: To understand the difference between true and false Christianity. That you will be able to demonstrate/assess accurately the changes that must be evident in a true Christian. That your faith may be built on truth and not shaped by today’s prevailing deception and false representation of Christ.  Try out this course (No registration required)

Biblical and Doctrinal Integrity

The Church is established upon certain truths. Some of these truths form the pillar of our beliefs and are referred to as the doctrines of our faith. We are living in a time when truths are being tampered with on a massive scale but the truths that are laid out in scriptures are sacred and must be honoured. It is imperative therefore, that believers be taught how to study the scriptures. read more…

Objectives: The book of Revelations draws to a close with these words, “If anyone adds to these things, God will add to him the plagues that are written in this book; and if anyone takes away from the words of the book of this prophecy, God shall take away his part from the Book of Life, from the holy city, and from the things which are written in this book.” Revelations 22:18-19  Try out this course (No registration required)

Many of our courses are modular courses i.e. they go together to make up a full course. These modular courses are single modules as the name would suggest that are easier to get through. Apart from these however, we also have short courses that double as taster courses that can be completed without signing up as a student.