Our courses are grouped under three different categories or faculties.

The Faculty of Christian life and Discipleship (C&D); is dedicated to helping new believers develop along the way in their personal journey from initial salvation to mature Christianity. Our courses cover topics that will build stability in the believer preparing them for the long challenging Christian journey as well as equipping them to live victoriously and have a good Christian witness. See courses in this faculty >

The Faculty of Evangelism and Apologetics (E&A); aims to train believers to present the gospel boldly and accurately, identify errors and defend their faith in the face of erroneous Christian teachings and other world religions. This is mainly achieved by answering probing questions that Christians are asked daily and using biblical, scientific and historical evidence to provide solid answers in defence of the gospel. See courses in this faculty >

The Faculty of Biblical Studies (Bibs);  In this courses you will begin a journey into understanding the Bible that will thrill you for the rest of your life. You will gain skills and tools that will help you to read, study and appreciate the Bible in a whole new way. See courses in this faculty >