Spiritual Warfare

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This course demonstrates that spiritual warfare is real. We have an unseen enemy that is bent on destroying us. He desires to plunder, devour and kill especially those who name the name of Christ. You will know and understand our enemy and allies. This understanding is crucial to our victory.


On completion of this course you should be able to answer the fact finding questions about spiritual warfare. What is it, how do we fight, who do we fight and where do we fight? You should be equipped to do spiritual warfare and have learnt to submit only to the Holy Spirit’s leading. Level of study:


All students will receive an OSB certificate on completion.

Course Data

Level of study: Level 1 – Though no prior qualifications are required it would be best if you have at least basic literacy skills, as you may be required to write small assignments.

Start Date: At the beginning of a month of your choice.

Module 8.1 – A Different Kind of War

  • How is this war different?
  • How do we fight?

Module 8.2 – Spiritual Armies

  • Know your enemy
  • Those with us

Module 8.3 – Spiritual Warfare Summary

  • Summarising spiritual warfare

Assignments: You may need to complete assignments and will need to complete end of module assessments.

Requirements: This course is online based so you will need access to a computer. Most communications will be by email but if you need to speak to the tutor direct that will not be a problem. You will need a bible a concordance and a bible dictionary. If you do not have these you can access online versions from within your student dashboard.