The nature of God

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This course is designed to help us know and understand God more. We will therefore investigate three aspects of God’s nature in the hope of discovering what He is like and what pleases Him. These three aspects describes the nature of God. They are 1. God is light 1 John 1:5, 2. God is Love 1 John 4:16 and 3. God is Spirit John 4:24


On completion of this course students should know the God of the bible better. They should use the knowledge and understanding they have gained to live a more God pleasing life. We expect students to be humbled by these wonderful discoveries and have a desire to be more like Him.


All students will receive an OSB certificate on completion.

Course Data

Level of study: Level 1 – Though no prior qualifications are required it would be best if you have at least basic literacy skills, as you may be required to write small assignments.

Start Date: At the beginning of a month of your choice.

Module 25.1

  • Overview

Module 25.2 – God is Spirit

  • A Spiritual Family – Born int the Family
  • A Spiritual Family – A New Creation
  • A Spiritual Kingdom – Esau and Jacob
  • A Spiritual Kingdom – First and Last Adam

Module 25.3 – God is Love

  • Born to Love – God Knows His Own
  • Born to Love – Love Defined
  • Born to Love – Who is my Brother?

Module 25.4 – God is Light

  • Light Defined
  • Walking and Living in the Light

Assignments: You may need to complete assignments and will need to complete end of module assessments.

Requirements: This course is online based so you will need access to a computer. Most communications will be by email but if you need to speak to the tutor direct that will not be a problem. You will need a bible a concordance and a bible dictionary. If you do not have these you can access online versions from within your student dashboard.